About us

UAB GLASS LT is a Lithuanian capital company that produces double glazed units since 1998.

There are more than 240 workers in the company, their skills and experience in the industry enable it to produce unique products that meet the requirements of each customer.

OUR MISSION is to produce double glazed units which sustain environment, save energy resources and live up to the client’s expectations.

OUR VISION is to become the most dynamic and sustainable manufacturer of double glazed units with sustainable development and highest added value in the region.

The advantage and strength of UAB GLASS LT is that it offers the clients the double glazed units that suit them the best.

We constantly improve our knowledge of glass innovation and the latest advances in the glass market so that we could offer you double glazed units which fully meet today’s market requirements. All our products have warranty of 5 years.


History and Facts
  • The history of UAB GLASS LT dates back to the end of 1996, when its shareholders established a double glazed units manufacturing business – the individual company “Vildaiva”. In 1998, following an increase in production, they established private limited company “Vildaiva and Co”.
  • As the 2000 season approached, the Company took out an investment loan of around 90 000 euros from the bank and purchased production equipment from the Austrian company “Lisec“. Orders increased at a faster pace and already in the 2001 season, capacity began to run short. Therefore, in 2002, the Company implemented its second phase of expansion: with an investment of around 0,5 million euros from its own resources, a bank loan and a lease, it built its own premises and acquired a more efficient production line. By the end of 2002, the Company had already established itself on the Lithuanian units market as the third largest manufacturer, with a market share of around 8%. Investments were also made in computer software, which significantly helped to optimise and speed up the production process and order management. UAB „Vildaiva and Co“ was the first company in the Baltic States to acquire a software application specifically tailored for the production of double glazed units, ALBAT+WIRSAM, from the German software company “ALBAT”.
  • In 2004, the Company invested more than 1.3 million euros in expansion and modernisation: it increased the area of its production premises from 1.0 to 2.3 thousand m2 and acquired a much more efficient automated package line capable of producing up to 30 thousand square metres of double glazed units per month. In 2005, the Company completed the implementation of the Phare 2002 funded project “Implementation of an innovative electronic business management system in the production of double glazed units”. The software and hardware installed enabled the optimisation of the management and control of order intake, production and the delivery of finished goods to customers.
  • In the second half of 2005, UAB “Vildaiva and Co” acquired UAB “Stiklo gaminiai”, the manufacturers of double glazed units in Alytus, and started the renewal of the production equipment and the improvement of working procedures. After incorporating the experience, knowledge and good management practices of UAB “Vildaiva and Co” into the acquired company, the turnover of UAB “Stiklo gaminiai” increased more than four times in three years from 1 261 611 EUR in 2005 to 5 261 751 euros in 2008, while at the same time the turnover of UAB “Vildaiva and Co” itself increased from 6 225 313 euros in 2005 to 8 931 028 euros in 2008.
  • In April 2007, the Company implemented its new project to modernize the equipment, it got EU Structural Fund support. The new equipment was more functional and versatile, with computer control, which allowed the automation of many operations that previously required human intervention and improved product quality. Not only the production lines were purchased but also a glass cutting table with an automatic glass edge grinding module, a glass edge polishing machine, a machine for folding and filling aluminium frames with absorbent, etc. The total investment was more than 2 million euros of which the EU Structural Funds contributed around 1.1 million euros. The project was implemented on time, the objectives were met and the targets were achieved.
  • Since 2007, the company’s products have been CE marked.
  • In September 2008, the Company launched the second high-speed production line, purchased for 0.8 million euros, which enabled a significant increase in the speed and efficiency of the work by allowing the production of complex units (e.g. structural glazing, large dimensions, special glazing, etc.) through the main line, and simple units through the additional (new) line.
  • In 2009, all production was relocated to Alytus, the largest glass processing center was established in Lithuania, consisting of manufacturers of double glazed units UAB “Vildaiva and Co“, UAB “Stiklo darbai“, glass supplier UAB “Marisa“ and glass processing, tempering and lamination UAB “Stronglasas“.
  • In 2013, in order to optimise production and management, a reorganisation was carried out, whereby the acquired company UAB “Stiklo gaminiai“ ceased to operate as a legal entity and its assets, rights and obligations were taken over by the parent company UAB “Vildaiva and Co“, which is owned by the same shareholders. After the reorganisation, its name was changed to UAB “GLASS LT“.
  • In 2014, the company invested 0.9 million euros in the renewal of one production line. The new line has the ability to work with larger glass sizes, to produce thicker double glazed units, to carve 6 metre laminated glass and a range of automated functions such as automatic silicone application, automatic frame holding, automatic mid-glass holding, etc.
  • Between 2015 and 2018, the company completed the largest investment project in its history, worth 9.8 million euros. A new factory of over 9,000 square metres has been built and can process around 1.8 million square metres of raw glass material. The investment in the construction of the new Glass LT factory building amounted to 4 million euros. The rest was invested in new generation production equipment and information and control systems. Part of the project’s 2.1 million euros was financed by EU Structural Funds under the Regio Invest LT+ measure. The project created 32 new jobs and increased the total number of Glass LT employees to 135.
  • GLASS LT has built a 500 kW solar power plant in 2019-2020. It generates about 40% of the Company’s electricity consumption. The remaining shortfall is bought on the market from renewable sources. Therefore, only green energy is used for the production of all products.
  • From 2022, the Company will operate on a 4-shift schedule, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. This not only helps to make more efficient use of existing equipment and increase sales by up to 45%, but also facilitates working conditions for employees. The working week has been shortened by around 17% to 33.5 hours without reducing their salary.

Our Values

Our Values


  • Communicating in a respectful and friendly manner
  • Being tolerant: accepting differences
  • Being generous to your colleagues (helping, willing to share)


  • Getting actively involved in the company‘s activities
  • Timely completing made decisions and agreements
  • Following the guidelines of work safety and other procedures


  • Quickly making desicions
  • Quickly sharing information and internal communication
  • Quickly reacting to the needs of your colleagues and clients, internal/external changes

Professionalism and Innovation

  • Constantly learning/improving, having interests in innovations and their application
  • Professional behaviour – using arguments
  • Constant business process analysis and efficiency


  • The newest production line of double glazed units with automated glass sorting machine;
  • Large-scale 3000 x 50000 mm;
  • Double glazed units of three chambers, max. thickness 80 mm;
  • One of the most advanced tempering machines GLASTON FC500.

Most advanced production technologies

Highly qualified personnel

Advanced work process organizing

Innovative products and effective results

Safe transportation

Double glazed units, made by UAB GLASS LT, have been used in many well-known and large-scale projects in Lithuania and abroad.

Geography of the activity

We export to Norway, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, United Kingdom, France, Latvia, Denmark, USA, Japan and Australia.

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