Social Responsibility

GLASS LT  is responsible to all the groups interested in company’s activities: customers, employees, suppliers, business partners. In order to work in harmony with the environment, a number of methods are used to ensure development that creates the well-being of people now and in the future.

In order to avoid negative impact on the environment, GLASS LT strives to use all resources responsibly. The glass scraps are returned to partner companies and successfully recycled.

LEAN – the effective management system – has been implemented in our production. Optimizing the processes company aims to reduce losses – primarily in production, logistics, other departments and their processes. LEAN system tools help the company to use its resources (materials, time and employees’ skills) economically and purposefully.

The IG units produced by GLASS LT are the result of responsible and harmonious activities, which help to create an optimal indoor climate, protect human health, and thanks to conscious processes contribute to the maintenance of ecological balance.