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Benefits and advantages

Noise affects us every day, and excessive exposure to it can be harmful to our health and rest, so noise levels in living areas should not exceed 45 dB.

In order to effectively isolate unwanted exterior noise, it is possible to use the thickest glass, with different thicknesses of glass in the double glazed unit, or with a larger space between the panes. The most effective way to isolate unwanted sound is to use laminated glass or even laminated glass with an acoustic PVB film.

GLASS LT offers a wide range of double glazed units that can isolate low and high frequency sounds and reduce unwanted external noise.


Acoustic double glazed units are mostly used for:

  • Buildings that are located on busy streets, city center, next to airports, railways, concert halls, etc.
  • External and internal glazing of residential and commercial buildings.
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